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Royal One Orator

Bible Teacher

As an expository Bible teacher, Dr. LaSondra utilizes a Christ-centered approach to preaching and teaching God’s word. She possesses a unique teaching style which allows her to make biblical truths relevant to all audiences. With over 19 years of preaching experience, Dr. LaSondra learned that the Bible is the answer to all of life's situations. To further expand the depth of her knowledge of the Bible she obtained a Doctor in Ministry degree from George Fox University Portland Seminary and Master of Divinity from Western Seminary.

Empowerment Speaker

 Dr. LaSondra is a dynamic empowerment speaker who inspires women to embrace God's love and understand their self-worth. She knows that believing in yourself ignites the courage needed to complete impossible endeavors. Dr. LaSondra incorporates all of the skills and knowledge she garnered over the years to motivate her audience to discover and engage the gifts and potential within. Dr. LaSondra also published her first book entitled Rejected to Accepted: Learning to Love Myself After Adversity.

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